Cold Brew: Toddy vs. French Press

Thinking about making cold brew at home? You can make cold brew in a french press or you can purchase a coffee maker that is specifically designed to make cold brew, like the Toddy Cold Brew System

Cold Brew Maker

First of all, making cold brew at home is easy, whether it is with a french press or with the Toddy. 

With both coffee brewers, you steep your coarsely ground coffee with cold water at room temperature (like you do with sun tea). If you need a recipe for cold brew, read our post on how to make cold brew. After the steeping time, you either run your coffee through a filter or in the case of the french press, you use the plunger to drain your coffee from the coffee grounds. 

There will be a big difference in flavor, since you are not running your coffee through a filter when using the french press. Your cold brew still has all the coffee oils which can give your coffee a bitter taste. The Toddy comes with a reusable filter, which will capture the oils and that will result in a smooth and clean cup.

As with so many things concerning coffee, it is all about preference! We love them both :) 


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