Brewing with Able Brewing Kone Filters

Looking to try something different with your Chemex coffee maker? Check out the Kone Filter by Able Brewing! The Kone allows coffee oils to come back into the coffee during the extraction. This allows for a different but tasty rich full bodied cup of coffee! Here's a quick rundown on brewing with the Kone Filter:  

Able Kone Filter reusable


Kone Filter, electric or stove top kettle, burr grinder set to medium fine grind, digital scale, Chemex ( 6 cup or bigger ), and 750g of 200° water.  

  • Grind 45g of medium fine grind coffee and put into filter 
  • Start your timer and begin slowly pouring 75g of water into the coffee then
  • Allow coffee to bloom for 45 seconds 
  • After blooming, continue to pour in a steady circular motion in the center of the coffee bed. 
  • Continue until you hit 300g 
  • At 300g carefully start spiraling the pour outwards to break the top layer, then move back into the center and continue to pour until scale reads 750g 
  • Brew time total should be 3:00 - 3:30 mins. 

That's all there is to it! If you're looking for something fun and reusable to try with your Chemex we highly recommend this tool.

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