Pour Overs With The Kalita Wave

Jump starting your day or just relaxing, a perfect cup of coffee will always make it better. The Kalita Wave is an excellent method to get your pour over goodness going at home.


Here's how we do it: 


Kalita Dripper, Kalita Filter, electric or stovetop Kettle, burr grinder set to sand like grind, digital scale, and a vessel to brew into

  • Rinse the filter: Pour near-boiling ( 198° - 202° ) water over the entire filter. This rinsing will eliminate the filter's off-flavors! Allow the rinse water to completely exit the dripper 
  • Add 24 grams of ground coffee into the filter (grind should be sand like, you can tell the grind is correct when the coffee streams out of the dripper evenly ). 
  • Pre-wet the grounds:
    • Slowly, pour just enough water ( approximately 60 grams ) into the center and then outwards to evenly wet all grounds. Pouring water at the right rate throughout the brewing process takes a bit of practice. 
    • Wait 20 - 30 seconds, as the grounds bloom ( fresh coffee releases a lot of carbon dioxide, swelling the grounds ). 
  • Add the remaining water:
    • Slowly start by gently pouring into the center of the grounds and then moving outwards concentrically. Try to not pour water at the very edges at any time and make sure not to fill higher than the level of the grounds themselves. This takes some practice! Any water above the grounds will simply go out the sides without brewing the coffee and your final cup of coffee will lack sweetness as well as fullness. You can start and stop pouring as long as you keep some water in the grounds during the process. 
    • This brewing process, after pre-wetting, should take between 2:30 - 3:30 minutes. 
    • Continue pouring until the total weight of water is about 360 grams and then allow water to drain fully. 
  • Enjoy your pour over! 

While this might seem intimidating at first it gets easier and easier with practice. You'll be slinging tasty pour overs in no time at all! Be sure to check out our shop for all your pour over needs! 

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