How to make cappuccinos at home

We all love a good cappuccino but what if you want to start making them at home? Espresso machines aren’t exactly in everyone’s price range and most milk frothers don't quite get the texture right. Enter the Bellman Stovetop Steamer. It is affordable and easy to use at home or even when camping. When you pair the steamer with an Aeropress you can start making some delicious cappuccinos complete with the fancy art work.

espresso milk steamer

So how do we use it? Here’s a quick step by step:

  • Unscrew top and add water (6 - 8 fluid oz)
  • Screw cap back on tight (gasket should not be visible)
  • Set on stove at medium high heat (make sure the steam valve is closed)
  • Wait for steam pressure to build up (typically anywhere from 10 - 15 mins depending on how much water is used)
  • Once the safety valves starts whistling, set heat to low
  • Open valve on steam wand and begin steaming milk
  • Once you are done steaming, wipe down the wand and purge any residue left behind

That’s all there is to it! Easy to use and fun! Be sure to check it out in our online shop and tag us in your fun latte art work on Instagram!



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