James at Home came to life when we, James Coffee Company, had the idea of opening a space dedicated to coffee equipment. As a roaster and specialty coffee shop, we take the quality of our product very serious. It is not “just” coffee - we strive to create unique roasting profiles for every coffee to elevate and enhance its natural flavors and qualities. In our coffee shop, we ask for the highest standard of quality in coffee and espresso drink preparation; ensuring that every cup of coffee you receive is a great one.

What we struggled with was the conversation about home brewing and guidance to that great cup of coffee at home. James at Home is the place to come and explore and talk about coffee, equipment, preparation and everything in between.

Since opening, we have expanded our offerings to include home goods and gifts - things that we are a fan of and like having in our home or gifting to our friends and family!

Thank you for stopping in,

David Kennedy, James Coffee & James at Home Team